Warm winter days

In the dark and cold winter months,  we often know how to keep ourselves warm by spending time with family and friends. In December we made boat trips with guests on the Thalassa through the rainy Dutch landscape of Lek. When the guests look for the best spot in the sun on the sun deck in the summer months, now everyone sought out one and other in the salon during the winter months.

On the days that we are on board ourselves, but the guests are missing, we are of course also looking for warmth. This is the perfect time to look for new teas for the year 2020. Coffee wise we switched to the small coffee roasting company called Man-met-Bril coffee from Rotterdam last summer. Now we want to improve the quality of the tea by working with various types of fresh tea. And that must be tasted! On a cold winter day, we drank all types side by side. Classic flavours and challenging blends, so that in 2020 every tea lover can choose something tasty from the best quality tea. Hot or cold months, sailing with the Thalassa remains a party for everyone all year round!

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